Hello and welcome to our page!

We are Mum (Jenny), Dad (Phil), Martha (8) and Eliza (4).  Martha was born fearless and loves to be outdoors.  Eliza, although a little less intrepid, is starting to show her big sister that she can brave the great outdoors too.  They both love to watch BBC Wildlife documentaries with Planet Earth II a real hit.  Martha loves the racing snakes, Eliza the Komodo dragons and both find the dancing bears hysterical!

Mum and Dad have an adventurous, outdoors past and have been lucky enough to visit some fantastic places around the world.  Mum’s list includes camping in the Australian outback, Climbing Mt Kilimanjaro and seeing the New England fall.  Dad’s favourites are a helicopter ride over the Belize jungle, seeing penguins off the coast of South Africa and bungee jumping off Sydney Harbour Bridge.  If Martha and Eliza ever doubt that they had cool parents we even got married in Las Vegas after a road trip up the coast from San Diego!

Since having children we’ve slowed down a little (not as easy to grab a bag and go) but have braved the long haul flight to the US to visit New England, a couple of trips to Florida and the Rocky Mountains, including Yellowstone National Park.  We started this blog to record our Yellowstone trip but continue with each holiday or fun day out.  When we started Martha was only 6 so we would write the blog together. More recently she is writing it on her own with the occasional dictation after a very long day.

We love our holidays to include the ‘magic’ of the natural world. We also try and make them as educational as possible (whilst still being fun). We feel strongly that travel with children is fantastic for their personal development and the outdoors is a must for maintaining your mental health.  We are very lucky to be able to take our children to places, we as children only saw in books and we are grateful for that everyday.

We started with Yellowstone and we really hope you enjoy following us!