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Mummy had to wake us up to go to the airport.  We were asleep in Mummy’s bed and Mummy took a photo of us before she woke us up because Eliza had cuddled up to me and looked really cute.  First we went to Manchester Airport and got on an aeroplane to London.  We had to wait at London but I liked it because I got to play on my iPad and it was a nice cafe.  Then we got on a bigger aeroplane to Denver.  All aeroplanes have numbers rather than names and this tells you what type of aeroplane they are.  We travelled on a 747-400.  It was really good and I kept needing the toilet and I got to watch the new Star Wars.  When we got off the aeroplane we went to get our bags.    I have a yellow bag and Eliza has a red one so they were easy to find.  We got our car and drove to our hotel.  Me and Eliza were playing Tiger and dolls and making funny faces.  It was still daytime because America is 8 hours behind us.  The whole world is split into time zones so if it’s day in England its night on the opposite side of the world.  We could see lots of big mountains and they had snow on them.  The sky went red before it was dark, it was pink and then it was red and then it was a little bit rainbow colour.  When we got to the hotel there was still snow on the ground and it was very cold.  Eliza kept saying she was starving so Daddy went out to find some food and we had a midnight feast in our hotel.  We had Pizza and Chicken nuggets.  Our hotel room was quite nice and I really wanted to go on the top bunk because it was my wish but Mummy and Daddy wouldn’t let me because it was really high and I could touch the ceiling.  And she’s a wriggle bum! IMG_0381IMG_0382IMG_0383

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