Dinosaur Grrrr!

Today we went to the Museum of the Rockies. It was brilliant because we got to look at dinosaurs and crocodiles. There was a crocodile part with real crocodiles, an olden days part, a dinosaurs part and a geology part. I went in the gift shop and bought some pretty rocks, one was a crystal, … Continue reading Dinosaur Grrrr!


Today we left Casper and went to Cody. It was a long drive but we went through some really cool mountains and a tunnel and it was raining really hard. We had lunch at a cafe called little bear cafe and I took lots of pictures inside. On the way we saw a rattlesnake in … Continue reading Howdy!


Written by Martha Comments in Blue by Mummy Mummy had to wake us up to go to the airport.  We were asleep in Mummy’s bed and Mummy took a photo of us before she woke us up because Eliza had cuddled up to me and looked really cute.  First we went to Manchester Airport and … Continue reading Traveling