Old Faithful (Daddy’s new nickname!)

We left Cody to go to Bozeman today but we decided to go through Yellowstone rather than the boring way. ¬†First we went to a big waterfall it was very epic. It’s called The Lower Falls and the place we watched it from is called Artists point. We couldn’t go to the other side of […]

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Yellowstone is epic… apparently!

Hi, it’s Mummy here as I’m the only one still awake. It’s been a long day and Martha is exhausted! I’ll try and add a little update from Martha in the morning. She’s been asking if she can do a video blog so perhaps we’ll try that and add it in. Firstly for those who […]

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One more sleep!

For quite some time we have had to tell the girls how many sleeps it is until our holiday. ¬†This morning when Martha asked I got the response ‘That’s gone quickly, how can it only be 1 more sleep? We must have missed some days out’. Well I am glad to say we are almost […]

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